German classes

Learn German – where, when and how it suits you!

German Classes

At EasyDeutsch Basel you can take German classes when, where and the way you want.
The classes consider the latest research in linguistics and psychology and we use the best
textbooks on the market. By taking German classes with EasyDeutsch Basel you’ll not only
learn German – you’ll also get to know Switzerland, its customs and its culture, which will
make it much easier for you to integrate.

You aren’t looking for anything super fancy? Just regular, basic German classes, during which you learn how to speak, write, read and listen? If so, then this course is the right one for you. Trial lesson…

You are looking for a course, where you simply talk about things and learn German on the way? You aren’t interested in learning about grammar? If so, then this course is the right one
for you. Trial lesson…

You want to get a certificate? Because your work requires it? Or maybe because you’re looking for a long-term permit, or even citizenship? If so, we recommend this course.
Trial lesson…

If you have just moved to Switzerland and want to learn German as fast as possible in order to get by in everyday life, then this is the right course for you. Welcome to your swiss adventure! Trial lesson…

About me

Hi, I’m Tomasz!

When it comes to languages, I’m your guy! Whether it’s learning foreign languages, teaching them, studying linguistics or writing – I’ve done it all. I speak five languages, I have taught privately – at schools and at two universities. I also study linguistics and work as a journalist. If I’ve convinced you, then what are you waiting for? Schedule two free trial lessons with me! Or – if there are any questions remaining – feel free to contact me via messenger or through the contact form down below.

Have a nice day

Tomasz Sikora

EasyDeutsch Basel


See what our students say about our courses. We strive to satisfy our clients, which is why
we continuously measure our clients’ satisfaction.

Tomasz assessed our German level and offered teaching materials that were adapted to it. Me as well as my partner made considerable improvements in terms of reading, writing, speaking and listening and even in terms of understanding the local swiss german dialect spoken in Basel. Tomasz is an upright and committed teacher, whom I recommend without any hesitation.
James Begg, Bazylea
Tomasz focuses on the students’ needs, and dedicates an appropriate amount of time to explain semantics and linguistic intricacies and chooses interesting articles to read. An ambitious attitude and a focus on the students’ and their needs is what especially distinguishes Tomasz. He’s an attentive and considerate teacher, who gives interesting classes.
Izabela Cook, Bazylea


EasyDeutsch offers highest quality at competitive rates. How a teacher transmits knowledge has a key impact on the progress we make and whether we enjoy it. We encourage you to take part in two free trial lessons.

* first two free lessons without any obligations. You can decide whether you wish to commit after these trial lessons

Individual lessons

600 CHF 10 x 45 min.
  • Two free trial lessons
  • Individual lessons 1:1
  • Highest effectiveness
  • Quantity discount possible

Bring a friend!

400 CHF per person 10 x 45 min.
  • Two free trial lessons
  • Group of two participants
  • Highest quality at favorable rates
  • Quantity discount possible

Offer for companies or larger groups

To be negotiated Individual setting
  • Two free trial lessons
  • Group of up to twelve people
  • Highest quality at affordable rates
  • Quantity discount possible


Questions? Feel free to contact us using the form down below or the facebook messenger.

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