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Trial lessons in a nutshell

The first German classes are there to learn more about you, about your goals and challenges. A trial lesson will also help you choose the type of course and its level. You will see how we learn, what materials we use and we will develop a learning plan together.

Where and how are trial lessons held?

You can choose the way and place of the trial lessons that suit you best

Startup Academy Basel

The default place for lessons - downtown, easily reachable. Address: Piccasoplatz 4, Basel.

Your choice, e.g. your favorite cafe

If you want, you can study at the address of your choice in Basel. It can be, for example, your favorite coffee shop where you will immediately learn useful language skills.

Virtually via Google Hangouts Meet

You can also join from anywhere in the world - You will receive a link to the meeting - no need to wonder if you have the right account or plugin. Thanks to the fast and uncomplicated interface, it is extremely simple. Especially useful if you're often abroad.

How do I schedule the trial lessons?

See how easy it is and download the coupon for two free trial lessons!

1. Voucher for two free trial lessons

Get your voucher for two free trial lessons or drop me a message.

2. Schedule a meeting

I will get back to you  and suggest when and where a trial lesson can take place.

3. 1st Trial lesson

During the first trial lesson we can get to know each other, determine the level of your language skills and what kind of classes is suitable for you.

4. 2nd Trial lesson

During the second trial lesson you get to know my teaching and my materials.

5. Book your German classes!

Choose the course that suits you best and start learning German with EasyDeutsch Basel.

Frequently asked questions

Check what people who learn German as a foreign language ask us most often

I teach mostly adults, but classes for kids and teenagers are possible as well

You can benefit from a comfortable bank transfer

You can start your classes at any moment. That’s why we encourage you to schedule a free trial lesson today, so that you find a slot

Of course, if there is a topic that interests you privately or because of your work, then we can adapt the classes to your individual needs and likings

The amount of classes per week is set individually, so that it suits your personal needs and preferences

In order to maximize effectiveness, we will be avoiding English as much as possible. Don’t worry, we have prepared and fine tuned methods, with which you’ll get used to speaking German fast.

In order to get to know or even learn Swiss German, you first have to know High German. However, if you are interested in learning Swiss German Dialect, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Do you have more questions or want to arrange a trial lesson?

Write to us. We are happy to help and find the right solution!

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